We service all types of group 1 and 2 safe dials, keypads, and lock bodies. Group 2 dials are the most common security rating on residential and commercial locks. Group 1 and 1R dials are common in military, banks, and other high security applications. We can perform a dial and lock body service and inspection, taking apart the lock on the interior of your safe's door. This includes fully disassembling the lock, removing wheels and all moving components. On group 1 and 1R locks this includes additional wheel packs, timing components, re-locking mechanisms, etc. This service, which requires a high level of experience and knowledge, will diagnose any issues and prevent lock-outs. We will preserve your high end locks, prevent lock-outs and ensure continued security of your container. Finally, if you are locked out, we can get you in. Utilizing manufacturer information available only to vetted security professionals, as well as specialized tools and techniques, we can open and more importantly repair your safe, vault, or safety deposit box for full operational condition.