Access Control

Implementing Access Control, you can track, record and deter access throughout your organization. Use it as a powerful employee management tool, monitoring time and attendance as well as avoiding re-keying when employees leave. You can also control access immediately to multiple facilities through one efficient interface, saving time and money.

Access Control Protection is a valuable asset for small and large enterprises:

  • Physical Facility Access
  • Computer / Workstation Access
  • Electronic Key Management
  • Credential / PIN Access
  • Manage Users
  • Remote Access

Electronic Access Control systems go beyond locking and unlocking doors. Access Control provides the ability to secure sensitive areas and provide the information you need to effectively manage employee movement. No matter the size of the business, Access Control gives a business owner a smart management tool.

Access Control Flexibility

The ability to create specialized access for individuals is a great feature of Access Control. For example, you can assign general employee groups that gain access only on weekdays from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, while granting other management groups 24 hour access. You can also use your Access Control system to generate reports to audit access to certain areas.

Surveillance System Integration

Your Access Control system can be integrated with your video surveillance system to determine if the access is granted to the appropriate employees or if several people are entering on the same access. Video cameras can be set to record only when access is requested, even if it is denied.

A Range of Access Solutions

All Security Co. uses state-of-the-art technologies to integrate Access Control into your security solutions. Your Access Control can be easily controlled through a PC connection and through a web interface. All Security Co. also employs various types of access cards and readers, including photo ID badges and biometric scanners.

Access Control can be a strong asset to your business management.

Advantages of Access Control

Physical keys can be copied very easily, but electronic keys require a much higher degree of sophistication to duplicate, adding to your security.

An electronic user database means that you never have to change the locks at any of your sites. If a keycard is lost or stolen, or an employee is terminated, that card can simply be removed from the access database.

You can access several sites with the same key card. Never carry a ring of keys again.

If a technician needs additional access to handle an emergency in the field, that technician's access can be updated immediately. This eliminates the need to travel from one site to another.

Electronic Access Control allows you to track every entry to your system - a great tool when investigating vandalism or theft, or for tracking response times.

Use your Access Control system to set user-level access rights. Manage the doors individual employees can access and the times they can access them.

You can electronically permit access to certain doors for only a single entry or exit.

Electronic Access is faster and better than traditional lock and key access. No more rings of keys!