Security Cameras

Security cameras come in all shapes and sizes. Let our trained professionals create the perfect security system for your home or business. From fixed lens stationary cameras to varifocal and PTZ lenses, we can address all types of surveillance needs. We keep a variety of cameras and NVRs in stock to service your needs quickly or sell to the do-it-yourselfer. We even have a product that can update you from analog to IP without replacing every camera. 

Surveillance That Works for You

Because different businesses have different employees, buildings, and assets to protect, a cookie-cutter approach will not develop an effective surveillance solution.  At All Security Co., we evaluate the unique needs of each business, work in conjunction with your company representatives, and customize a surveillance system to suit your specific needs while maximizing its overall effectiveness.

User Connectivity

One of the most utilized advantages of a modern surveillance system is the ability of connectivity. Business owners can now easily access their surveillance system from any personal computer to retrieve archive footage, watch live footage, set recording times and monitor transactions.